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Principia Audiomatica (HR)


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Principia Audiomatica started officially its life when two minds, longtime friends and collaborators Miljenko Rajaković ( co-founder of the Implant Code project on MINUS HABENS RECORDS, electronic-industrial DJ with decades of work in the European clubs , and the sole surviving member of Dark ambient project TeHÔM) along with Siniša Očuršćak (founder of the TeHÔM project, professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the University of Zagreb, editor of the acclaimed book '’The mind-body problem in the contemporary philosophy'’) have decided to start an electronic project 1994.

Diverse and again innovative, and at the same time different from their previous collaboration, they have released their first album “Systematic Sonority” in the year 1995. for the well-known Italian cult label Minus Habens Records. Their debut album was based on the eight different notions of the environMENTAL systems as the work shows threads on an impressive visionary idea. In turn this has led to finally complete development on their 1993’s stunning 'Biodigit' mini CD, under the name Implant Code. While creating frozen, lost, electronic ambient structures and soundscapes at parts, they managed to infuse them with the mind-absorbing electro rhythms, thus creating an album which is a truly effective and impressive audio experience. Principia Audiomatica have become hailed as the new ClockDVA, creating a new perspective for a journey of exploration into the inner darkness, all while using technology as its primary, distinctive host. Distinguished texts included inside the booklet accompanying the CD are the perfect guide in learning about their working concept and the whole project.
Unfortunately fate has chosen another path. Siniša died of cancer in the 1997. and much later on, after recovering from the tragic loss of his longtime friend and collaborator, Miljenko has reactivated Principia Audiomatica project in the year 2010.

At the beginning of the 2012 PA made a new track and remix for Die-6, a Spanish artist, for his first album "Back.te.riality", as well as the bonus remix for the CD "Mix.te.riality" which has included other international renowned and legendary electronic artists and acts, such as Lagowski, Absolute Body Control, Esplendor Geometrico, Geistform, Plastic Noise Experience and others. Following those releases Swedish label Funk Noir Records 036!! has released their double CD.

Arriving at the present time, in the year 2017 Principia Audiomatica is ready to release their new material assembled together between the period of the years 2012 to 2016., for the upcoming "Distorted Information" CD album release on the well-known French label Unknown Pleasures Records. Guests will include among others Bernarda Barlović who lends her talent for some tracks as well as remixes from artists such as Dark Vektor, Replicante Norman, A★I, Alek Drive, Mauri, Zastranienie. Album which is brimming with the cold, minimalistic rhythmic electro structures, will finally saw its material unleashed live on the June 2nd at the incredible WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN FESTIVAL 2017 in Leipzig/Germany joining other relevant and important electronic acts from the whole world, only a month after its initial release date, in the May of the 2017. Following that show PA will descend on the tour of Europe presenting their new and old material to hordes of listeners who will finally be able to see and hear what they were waiting for a long time. Miljenko has taken time to brew his electronic mysticism and this album is an alchemical proof of it. Behold and revel, as the time has come finally again for PA to come out of their cold cave of electro darkness!