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Chemical Sweet Kid (F)


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If Christian Death and Marilyn Manson had an electro project together, it would probably sounds like Chemical Sweet Kid.

Since 2008, the band evolves in a dark and dancing universe. Gloomy and melodic at the same time, the power of the songs comes with a dreary atmosphere and distorted beats, all of this cradled by the voice of Julien Kidam, sometimes aggressive sometimes quiet, but always angry and obscure.

After their first album Tears Of Pain in 2011, the german label Danse Macabre released Broken Wings in 2012. In this second album the electro is violently merging with sounds close to the guitars riffs all along the 13 songs of an industrial dark electro rock. Each of these albums were followed by some free digital remixes albums.

The band really express itself with energetic shows on stage and after having performed in several venues and festivals and having been reviewed and interviewed in the most important magazines and websites of the alternative european scene (Zillo, Sonic Seducer, Orkus,…) Chemical Sweet Kid has recently been endorsed by the T-Shirt brand HYRAW Clothing.
All this has allowed CSK to support bands such as Hocico, The Young Gods, Punish Yourself and to perfom at festivals like Dark Munich Festival, Dark Castle Festival, Donkey Rock….

Developing their unique sound, CSK has now complete his third album that will be release at the end of the year.
Stay tuned, you have not hear the last of Chemical Sweet Kid !


Chemical Sweet Kid sind zurück. Nach nur einem Jahr ihres Debutalbums "Tears Of Pain", welches ein dunkles und quälendes Universum darbot, sind sie mit 13 neuen Tracks zurück. "Broken Wings", so der Titel des Nachfolger erforscht neue Wege, differenziert sich ein wenig vom traditionellen Electro-Goth, bleibt dennoch irgendwie ein wenig Industrial und flirtet hier und da mit Metal. Die Texte und die Stimme von Julien Kidam, Sänger, Komponist und Gründer der Band, gewinnt der Musik viel Dunkles ab. "Broken Wings" ist ein überraschender Mix aus dancefloorlastigen und kräftigen Songs wie "No Way" und "Dead Inside", Industrial-Hardcore Tracks wie "The Nasty One" und einem Fnkchen Metal wie in "A Brand New World" und "The Dark Side In Yourself". Nicht zu vergessen der Ambient Song "Falling". Diese zweite Album zeigt aufs Beste die vielseitigen musikalischen Einflsse die die Band seit Anbeginn durch ihr musikalisches Schaffen begleiten.