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Ωhm is a new Canadian electro-industrial duo consisting of producer Chris Peterson and vocalist\keyboardist Craig Joseph Huxtable.
While both artists have been fixtures of Vancouver’s storied electronic music scene for decades they have both been on distinct paths of their own until now.

Best known for his work with Will, FLA, Decree, Delerium, and Unit 187, Chris Peterson has been a prolific producer/programmer for over 2 decades with an international reputation for his body of work. Craig Joseph Huxtable is best known in electronic circles as Landscape Body Machine, a dynamic live electronic act with a career spanning many albums and tours, collaborations, video games and film soundtracks. Becoming friends and admirers of each other’s work, they joined forces in 2005 on Noise Unit’s 2005 album “Voyager” and again in 2006 when Craig was invited to join Frontline Assembly on their 2006 North American tour. All the while, a project featuring just the two of them was often discussed. In just about every conversation they had about music, there was a common thread about getting together and making this album of songs they wanted to hear based on their mutual love of certain musical aesthetics. So when the conversation came up again 2 years ago, time was finally on their side and ohm came into being.

For the pair, this project offers a new start and a new direction for their electronic and experimental efforts that will continue to be a focus for them for many years to come. Ωhm’s self-titled debut release will be available from ArtofFact records in October 2013.