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The Scary Bitches (GB)



“Scary Bitches- The most up front, in your face, arse kicking vampyre band on the planet” – A quote from Kaleidoscope Magazine.

The Scary Bitches were formed by Alma Geddon and DEADri Ransiid in 1998. They recorded an Album at home which they called “No Reflections” The album was available on a site called Peoplesound. Being a home recording, the quality was not to professional standards, but following a lot of requests, they have re-recorded four songs from it for their new album, which should be out in mid-2009.

The name for the band came from a poem by a middle aged American poet who was called a Scary Bitch by some young men in Central Park, New York, just because of her age. She wrote a poem about it, and Alma and DEADri heard it on Radio 4. They have claimed the name back, and wear it with pride. The name has closed a few doors, but they stick with it. One BBC DJ once told them that their albums were his favourites. He plays them in the car all the time, but he can’t play them on the radio. Luckily, outside the UK these prejudices are not such a problem, and they get played on radio as far away as Australia.

Their costumes were created by Dean Blunkell who used them as a project for his Masters degree in theatrical design.

After doing a few gigs in various places including pagan festivals and London clubs, their album was discovered by the “Arcane” – a gothic gathering in Morecambe, and in 2002 they appeared at the second “Dance of the Vampyres” festival. They had by this time also become the official band of an American website called “The Vampyre’s Kiss".

Dance of the Vampyres got them known to a much larger audience, and they then started playing more gigs in London for Flag Promotions, after being recommended by a London based band called “The Faces of Sarah”. Later that year they released their first official CD “Lesbian Vampyres from Outer Space” which got to number four in the UK Goth Chart in Terrorizer Magazine.

Since then they have played countless bookings in Germany including WGT Leipzig, where they have been invited back for a return gig this May, by popular demand. They have played several gigs in Italy and have also played Paris, St. Petersburgh Russia, Berne Switzerland, Judgement Day (Austria), Waregem, Belgium, (where they have also been invited back in 2009), Rotterdam, Creeper Fest (Lithuania), Warsaw, and in November 2009 they are playing in Mexico.

They signed to Resurrection records in 2004, and released their second CD – “Creepy Crawlies.” Their third CD “The Island of the Damned” is coming out in May 2009.

All their officially released music is also available on iTunes, and they have appeared on several compilation albums.

Although some of their songs might make you laugh, they insist that they are not a comedy band. They just like to write about the weirder side of life (and death).

When they started writing, they were not trying to copy any particular style, but inevitably people want to categorise them, and put them in a box (or coffin in some cases). They have been called Deathrock, Batcave, Goth, Post Punk, and a lot of things that can’t be repeated.

They just call themselves the Scary Bitches. Three women against the World.


Scary Bitches wurden 1999 von Alma Geddon und DEADri Ransiid gegründet. Ihre krassen Konstüme wurden vom Theater-Kostüm-Designer Dean Blunkell entworfen. Sie sollen ihr Image als 'Lesbian Vampyres from Outer Space" komplettieren.

Die Texte der Scary Bitches sind fremdartige, bizarre, aber zum Teil auch sehr lustige Ausführungen über Vampire, Werwölfe, verrückte Kinder, Necrophilie und Kannibalismus im Stil der "Rocky Horror Picture Show", jedoch mit einem moderneren und rachsüchtigen Sinn für Humor.

Wirklich mal was anderes! ;)