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Andi Sexgang (GB)


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Singer, songwriter, producer, painter. Founder and frontman of Sex Gang Children.

Internationally acclaimed as a pioneering innovative artist and widely seen in the modern Goth community as one of its founding fathers, Andi Sex Gang has consistently challenged and pushed the boundaries of music. Throughout his long career as a performer, he has acted in and directed several short films, collaborated with a variety of noted artists and producers including Marc Almond, Tony James, Flood, Mick Ronson, Simon Boswell and film directors Brian Gibson, Dario Argento, John Maybury, Peter Webber and Jason Eisener. His paintings have been exhibited in both the USA and Europe, and most recently at the British Library's Cultures of the Dark Side 'Terror and Wonder-The Gothic Imagination' exhibition.

April 2015 sees the release of his 15th solo album, 'Achilles In The Eurozone'.


Andi Sex Gang (geboren als Andrew Hayward) ist Sänger/Gründer der Band Sex Gang Children & hat ebenfalls einige Alben als Solo-Künstler herausgegeben.