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Technique (BR)


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During the 1990's , Alex Tibaldi (vocalist/keyboardist), Robert Tibaldi (keyboardist) and MACHINERY, heavy influenced by bands and artists like Kraftwerk, New Order and Depeche Mode, decided to start a music project.

With the aim to make electronic music the way it was made during the early 1980's, they began to put some songs together. In the beginning were just man and machine, some years later they decided to put vocals, when they originally released their independent debut album titled “Memorizer”, in 2013.

Technique was subsequently picked up by Scentair Music on second album in 2016 titled “Touching the Void” and a reworked version of their first album was released in 2016 again with some new versions and remixes by many producers and bands like Substaat from Norway.

During the last gigs, Technique decided to have a live percussion in its shows. Marcio Vaez, DJ and drummer as well, was the perfect choice because He has an excellent knowledge of electronic music.

Name: Technique Style: Synthpop Members: Alex Tibaldi (vocalist/keyboardist) Robert Tibaldi (keyboardist)

Marcio Vaez (electronic drums, live percussion)

City/Country: São Paulo/Brazil