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Percival (PL)


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Percival was formed as a result of our fascination with history, experimental archaeology and historical reenactment. We want to spread knowledge of our Slavic history and the traditions of people who lived in the Baltic Sea area.

We sing old Slavic melodies as well as our own compositions - they create the atmosphere of ancient times and bring listeners back to the Early Medieval world. Our main goul is to create suitable musical background for historical shows and festivals. Although we're not scientists - our project is rather of artistic nature and we are not into a strict historical reconstruction - our music is created on the basis of knowledge about instruments, habits and traditions of Middle Ages. We base on the available sources, old legends and tales. We use instruments being reconstructions or replicas of medieval instruments.

First of all our desire is to complete historical shows and festivals of all kind with our music and make them more attractive and interesting for viewers. We want to show the beauty and importance of history!