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Ensemble Chromoson (AT / I)



ensemble chromoson was founded in 2013 mainly by former members of the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt/Main. The ensemble is committed to contemporary music and art through performance, educational activities and collaboration with other art forms, such as visual art, dance and theatre. Chromoson dedicates all projects to the generation and promotion of new art and culture and is developing a strong focus on international exchange with artists around the world.The members of chromoson, among them international prize winners, received their high level education at the most prestigious Universities of Music and Dramatic Arts in Europe and have also performed as soloists and members of internationally renowned orchestras and ensembles at concerts and festivals all over the world.


ensemble chromoson zählt zu den vielversprechendsten jungen Ensembles für Neue Musik. Seit seiner Gründung 2014 versucht chromoson durch innovative interdisziplinäre Formate, die zeitgenössische Musik und deren unterschiedlichen ästhetischen Positionen einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich zu machen.