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Too Dead To Die (RUS)



A fresh breeze is coming in from Russia! Newcomers Too Dead To Die embark on a wild romp through the genres: “Murder On The Dance Floor” is one of the most exciting debuts of the year!

Damn it, live your dreams! After successfully completing his studies to become an engineer, the business world lay at young Andy Xx’s feet. But, as Andy’s heart has always been more inclined toward fat beats than towards suits and Power Point presentations, he decided to give the rat race a pass in favour of the dance floor and went straight to work on recording his debut album under the Too-Dead-To-Die-moniker. And it is rather impressive what this “clean slate” from Russia has managed to conjure up out of seemingly nowhere: “Murder On The Dance Floor” combines elements of Synth Pop, Hard Electro, Techno and Industrial in an almost playful manner to create a pulsating ball of energy of an album! Ultra-catchy melodies meet aggro-attacks and emotions mingle with ass-kicking Electronica: anything goes, as long as it’s fun! And “Murder On The Dance Floor” offers fun galore. Fans of acts like Faderhead, Icon Of Coil and early Aesthetic Perfection are bound to love this, but it is rather likely that any fan of creative club-sounds will be easily won over, as well. With an anarchic grin, Too Dead To Die are grooving through the genres and will make the listener forget rather quickly that they might have ever believed that electronic music should fit a given pigeonhole. With this fervent enthusiasm, the band already won lots of fans when the songs “NLTL” and “The War Will Never End” introduced their fresh, new sound on compilations and support slots at the 2nd Out Of Line Weekender and with Hocico on tour immediately gained them the sympathy of the crowds. With “Murder On The Dance Floor”, Too Dead To Die now deliver not only one of the best debut albums in the last few years, but also provide the electronic music scene with some much-needed fresh impulses!


Frischer Wind aus Russland! Die Newcomer Too Dead To Die preschen im wilden Galopp durch die Genres und erschaffen mit "Murder On The Dance Floor" eines der spannendsten Electro-Debütalben des Jahres.

Scheiß drauf, lebe deinen Traum! Nach seinem erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Ingenieursstudium lagen dem jungen Russen Andy Xx sämtliche Karrieremöglichkeiten in der Wirtschaft offen. Da Andy sein Herz aber schon seit jeher eher an fette Beats, als an Anzug und Excel, verloren hatte, entschied er sich für Dancefloor statt Alltagstrott und nahm kurzerhand sein Debütalbum unter dem Namen Too Dead To Die auf. Es ist schon beeindruckend, was für eine Platte dieses quasi unbeschriebene Blatt hier aus dem Hut gezaubert hat: Schubladendenken war Andy schon immer zuwider und so verbindet er auf "Murder On The Dancefloor" auf fast schon spielerische Weise Elemente aus Synth Pop, Hard Electro, Techno und Industrial zu einem pulsierenden Energiebündel von einem Album! Hier treffen Ohrwurm-Melodien auf Aggro-Attacken und Arschtritt auf Gefühl: erlaubt ist, was Spaß macht. Und "Murder On The Dance Floor" macht gewaltigen Spaß! Fans von Faderhead, Icon Of Coil und den frühen Aesthetic Perfection werden begeistert sein, aber auch jeder andere Freund kreativer Club-Musik wird nicht umhin kommen, sich mitreißen zu lassen.