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Welicoruss (RUS)


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Welicoruss is a symphonic metal band, which combines black, folk, pagan and progressive elements in its music.

The history of the band begins in 2002 in Novosibirsk, Russia. Began as an artist, but then changed his activity to music, the band’s founder Alexey Boganov has started to make some experiments with sound. As the result, he issued the first demo “WinterMoon Symphony” at the end of 2002. This version had little to do with the same name debut album, issued in 2008.

After multiple recordings of this demo and further musical experiments, Alexey has decided to make a live band, which has been finally founded in November 2005. In a couple of years, after multiple band practices and live shows, the band signs a contract with major Moscow label CD-Maximum and releases their first full-length album “WinterMoon Symphony” in October 2008. The uniqueness of such music in Siberia and the catchy hits such as “Slava Rusi” and “Slavonic Power” has soon made Welicoruss known well in Russian underground.

To build on the success of this album, Welicoruss has joined the Metal East Invasion tour around Russia with Sinful, Demogorgon and Apokefale bands. But even before this tour Welicoruss has played on Metal Heads’ Mission open-air festival in Crimea in August 2008 with such bands as Moonspell, Cynic, Gorgoroth and Samael.

In spring 2009 Welicoruss has decided to strike while the iron is hot and began to work on the next album. After a few months of preparation, band releases its second album “Apeiron” on the same label CD-Maximum and starts a huge WinterMoon Symphony Russian headline-tour, playing in 16 cities around all Russia. At the end of this tour Welicoruss has received the invitation to play on Metal Hail Fest in Irkutsk as the headliner. After that, Welicoruss plays with Norway viking-metal band Helheim in Rock City club in Novosibirsk.
The creative differences in 2010 has resulted the change of the line-up, and after that the band releases the digital EP “Kharnha” with new members in July 2011. This release sounds very differently from previous works, bringing more mature material with complex symphonic guitar arrangement and serious lyrics. “Kharnha” EP has clearly shown the sound of future album. In the same year Welicoruss films a video clip for title song, which makes a real splash in Siberian underground.

In august 2012 Welicoruss goes to Shergesh Mountains (Mountainous Shoria) in Altai region of Siberia to film the next video clip “Sons of the North”, which has been issued in November of the same year.

The next year 2013 becomes crucial for history of Welicoruss: Alexey makes important decision to change band’s location to Prague, what he manages to do together with his wife and band’s stylist Anastasia Kriger. Soon Alexey finds Russian bass player Dmitriy Zhikharevich, Serbian guitar player Gojko Marić and Czech drummer David Urban in Prague. With this international line-up the band begins its new era.

In May 2014 Welicoruss plays its first concerts in Europe with old friends from Russia – pagan/folk metal band Arkona in Prague and Brno.

In the period of 2014-2015 years Welicoruss plays more than 40 shows around all Europe, visiting such countries as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia.

After a long period from the latest release, Welicoruss issues the new album “Az Esm’”, which has soon received many positive reviews in media around whole world.

During the European period Welicoruss has already managed to play at such significant open-air festivals as Made of Metal 2014 (Czech Republic), Exit Festival 2015 (Serbia), Wolfszeit Festival 2015 (Germany), Gothoom Festival 2015 (Slovakia).

For now Welicoruss has already approved on the most famous pagan metal festival in Germany – Ragnarök 2016.


Welicoruss ist eine Symphonic-Black-Metal-/Pagan-Metal-Band aus Nowosibirsk, einer Stadt in Sibirien, Russland. Seit 2014 basiert die Gruppe in Prag, Tschechische Republik.


Der Name der Gruppe „Welicoruss“, hat eine historische Assoziation, die aus dem Namen des nord-östlichen Teils des damaligen Russlands stammt. Der Name ist auch im Bezug auf den russischen Revolutionär, Tschernyschewski. Während Ton- und Bildmaterial der Band mit seiner Dunkelheit und Intensität zweifellos auf Black Metal hinweist, enthält Welicoruss auch hohe Produktionswerte, traditionell folklorische Melodien und symphonische Elemente in ihren Kompositionen. Die Texte, das Konzept und die Ideologie werden durch altrussische und skandinavische Kultur, orientalischer Philosophie und heidnischem Erbe inspiriert.