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Lolita KompleX (A)



Lolita KompleX was founded in early 2008. After the break-up of his former band Sanguis et Cinis, Eve Evangel could finally realize everything that hadn't been possible before. Thus on the one hand Lolita KompleX carries the essence of its predecessor, but on the other hand goes far beyond that. Their sound is harder, but more melancholic, darker, but rocks harder. Crazier, but more honest.
Prior to this the very young half-asian nana was found to be a fitting "partner in crime" with whom Eve wanted to achieve his idea of Japanese-inspired, but independent Gothic Lolita Metal. Dushi, who had been Eve's fellow musician for years, had also made plans for a new projectLolita Komplex, which fit perfectly into the new concept. ....
The trio did not have to look too long for the perfect man on the drums. Kaberus, whom they had been in touch with for some time, completed the line-up after hearing about the concept and Lolita KompleX was officially born.

While in 2008 the band fully concentrated on songwriting, the four members had their live debut in early 2009. With a guest musician on the bassLolita Komplex, their first gig turned out to be a surprising success. Unusual for a new band (at the time without a record deal or demos) they played for a full house and were celebrated enthusiastically.

Shortly after their debut bassist Gyn joined the band and the permanent line-up was complete. Gigs at various anime conventions followed and just like their first performance they enchanted their audience with thrilling songs, witty covers and lollipops.

After that the band recorded the 3 songs that rocked the most live on stage. Also, a cover version, which their fans eagerly awaited and a brand-new song, which can be found on their MySpace page.....

nana and Eve spent the summer of 2009 in their adopted country Japan and promoted Lolita KompleX very successfully during their stay.

In 2010 Lolita KompleX signed a record deal with Echozone Records and started recording their debut album called "Le Cabaret Des Marionnettes" set for release during the summer of 2011.


Lolita KompleX ist eine in Wien ansässige österreichische Band.

Lolita KompleX wurde Anfang 2008 von Eve Evangel (Gründungsmitglied von Sanguis et Cinis), nana und Dushi (ehem. Sanguis et Cinis) gegründet. 2010 hat die Band einen Plattenvertrag bei echozone/SONY unterschrieben. Im September 2011 war die Band auf Japan-Tour.

Die Band ist bekannt für ihren Mix aus Rock und Metal mit japanisch inspirierten Lolita- und Visual-Kei-Elementen.