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Nachtsucher (D)



Gothic metal made in Germany has a strong heritage, just remember bands like EverEve, Darkseed, Dreadful Shadows, End Of Green, Crematory and some others, who made a huge impact on the whole dark metal/rock scene back in the early 90s, and some of them are still making it. A bit later the phenomenon named Rammstein was born and things were never the same again. Nactsucher is one of those newcomers who are interesting enough to give them some attention. They incorporate in their music that typical early "made in Germany" gothic metal thing and as well more modern approach with influences from industrial rock, electronic, gothic rock and of course NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte, engl. New German Hardness), which seems to be very popular in their country right now.

Nachtsucher were formed in 2011 by vocalist Christian, guitarist Björn and drummer Stefan, all of them playing before in some other rather unknown bands, except for their new bass player Holger who joined them in the beginning of this year and he's known for being a part of now very popular symphonic metallers Xandria in their early days. It took them five years to finally finish their debut album and believe me that Komm Mit Mir sounds nothing alike a debut, but more like if it was their fifth or sixth album already, it's evident that the guys put a lot of effort into it, not only compositional wise, but as well productional wise. Still, Nachtsucher doesn't offer anything really new, originality might be their only weakness, they stick to the approved formula, with the sound that is based mostly on gothic metal and blending into it the influnces mentioned before.

These eleven tracks on Komm Mit Mir are quite addictive, yet unpretentious, simple rhythms, catchy melodies, strong and massive driving guitar lines, pounding drum beats and thick bass lines, everything spiced up with gloomy atmospheric goth keys and cyber electronics that make it even more captivating, thus the soundscapes are dynamic and what matters the most - enjoyable for every fan of the genre. The lyrics are all in German language, giving it additional heaviness, delivered nicely by singer Christian who has a strong rather hoarse voice, but deep and haunting enough. Some might draw comparisions with bands like Oomph!, ASP, Mono Inc., Crematory, Rammstein and other similar bands, but this is mostly because of the industrial and NDH influence which is strongly present throughout the whole album.

From the heavy hitting "Verlassen" on you'll feel it how the band builds up in ambiance which gets in my opinion its peak in the melancholic "Such nach mir" or in the rather doomy gothic metal masterpiece "Verlier nicht die Zeit", where the band adds to the picture some symphonic elements and gloomy piano touches that so nicely deepen the atmosphere. Also for romantic souls there is something in here, for example the almost epic beautiful atmospheric semi ballad "Helden" and track named "Was du willst" can evoke such feelings, but not only, the danceable rhythms and captivating melody of "Diese Nacht" and "In das Licht hinein" will make your heart sing and feet move. "Wenn Du kommst" on the other side is a heavy industrial rock driver that draws its influence mostly from Rammstein, but if you pay enough attention you'll hear also elements used before by Paradise Lost on their Symbol Of Life album. Almost all of the tracks have a certain pop sensibility inherited in them what makes them even more appealing already on the first listen, and those sing along choruses must be a blast when played live, especially in the German spoken countries. There are some fillers here, but it doesn't ruin the overall impression as the whole thing is very flowing, fresh, songs are coherent, compact and most of all very addictive.

Nachtsucher already with this debut album, which is released by their own, recently established label, Tiefklang Records, enthuses a lot and shows a huge potential. Not only that the band put a lot of attention to every compositional and recording detail, also the artwork with a lot of symbolism in it is pretty impressive. Komm Mit Mir is a very recommended album from my side side, it will most likely offer an enjoyable time while listening to it to a wide array of different listeners. Good job Nachtsucher, I'll certainly keep an eye on your future endeavours.


Nachtsucher machen eigene bodenständige und kraftvolle Musik im Stil der neuen deutschen Härte gepaart mit Einflüssen aus dem Industrial- und Gothic-Rock.

Ein energiegeladener Soundtrack für den langen Weg durch die Nacht.

Hört euch die Musik an und lasst Euch von dem kraftvollen Klang überzeugen. Macht Sie zu Eurem eigenen Soundtrack für die Nacht.

Line Up:

Björn: Gitarre
Stefan: Drums
Christian: Gesang
Holger: Bass