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Spiral 69 (I)


(myspace) Spiral69 is back, with a draft between new / dark wave pop by Riccardo Sabetti. "No Paint on the Wall" is his second album, produced by Megasound and distributed by Zebralution / Megasound. It has been almost two years since his last work, "A Filthy Lesson for Lovers" (Megasound 2009).

During this time something has changed. Locked in a room with no light, the music of Spiral69 comes out of a chrysalis and becomes more aggressive towards itself. Torn by troubled thoughts, within the walls of that room abused to understand or escape fears and weaknesses, the sound of "No Paint on the Wall" ends up creating a gathering of eleven ballads that smell of sex and desperation. Then the perspective changes: love becomes a forfait to pay, God is an enemy, death is the only way to understand that we are alive, sex is an obsession. "No Paint on the Wall" is the evolution in style and composition given by the making of the tracks "on the road".

It was during the previous tours, promoting earlier albums, in fact, that teamwork was key - unlike the previous album (written, arranged and played by Riccardo Sabetti) - Licia Missori is at the piano, Stefano Conigliaro on drums and Enzo Russo on guitars. Bass and piano become key instruments in the album, rhythmic power and tenacity define their outlines. The melody of bows (Andrea Ruggiero) weaves its sweetness and a deeper voice, emotionally louder, retains it all, representing the mood of the solution and the synthesis of Spiral69.

Spiral69 was founded in 2007 as a solo project by Riccardo Sabetti (Pixel, Argine) who leaves dark, industrial and synth pop after falling in love with the alchemy of visceral and bittersweet sessions that assembles guitar, piano and violin. It extrapolates the melodies of passion, keeping grain flows and gothic neo-romantics, focusing on a path of pop and new wave. As a consequence of the success received in Italy and abroad for "A Filthy Lesson for Lovers", in October 2010 Spiral69 was noticed and invited by Steve Hewitt (Placebo old drummer) to be the guest band for his Italian tour. "No Paint on the Wall" has allowed Spiral69 to take stock and be proud of himself: his sound, resembling Joy Division, The Cure, Nick Cave, Placebo and the darker new wave of the first 80, assumes his defined identity.

(http://www.virtualnights.com/koeln/event/exploding-boy-spiral69.2387110) Dark Wave aus Rom

Es begann 2007 als Soloprojekt von Riccardo Sabetti (Ex-Bassist von Argine). Das erste Album "A Filthy Lesson for Lovers"(Label: Megasound) erzielte hervorragende Kritiken in Fachzeitschriften und Fanzines. Es folgte eine lange Reihe an Konzerten in ganz Europa und aus dem Soloprojekt wurde eine Band, mit Enzo Russo an der Gitarre und Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front) am Schlagzeug.

2010 spielte "Spiral69" in Italien als Support von "Love Amongst Ruin" (Projekt des Placebo-Drummers Steve Hewitt).

Im März 2011 veröffentlichte die Band ihr zweites Album "No Paint On The Wall". Es folgten unzählige Konzerte um das Album und die zugehörigen Musikvideos, wie "Love is for Losers", "Best Porno" (über 80.000 views in kurzer Zeit) und "The Girl Who Dances Alone in the Disco" welches die Band im Duett mit Tying Tiffany zeigt, zu promoten.
Die Band steuert den Titel "Berlin" zum Soundtrack des ersten Film/Dokumentarfilm "Red Sherly" von Lou Reed bei.

Im April 2013 erscheint das Album "Ghosts in my Eyes"(Label: Helkonia), produziert von Steve Hewitt (Placebo/LAR), mixed by Paul Corkett (Tontechniker von Nick Cave, Radiohead, The Cure, Björk, Placebo u.v.m)

Spiral69 ist eine der wenigen itlaienischen Bands, die auf dem "Wave Gotik Treffen" 2012 spielten, ebenso beim "Children of the Night Fest" 2012 in Kiew.

Im April 2014 wird die Band ihr neues Mini-Album "Alone" veröffentlichen. 6 dunkle Tracks von Hass und Liebe, einer Kombination aus New-Wave, Rock, Folk und Synthie-Pop.Produziert von Riccardo Sabetti unter seinem neuen, eigenen Label Rehab Records, gemastert von Frank Arkright (Tontechniker für Joy Division, The Smiths, New Order, Editors...) in den Abbey Road Studios U.K.