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Steven Severin (GB)


(allmusic.com) Certainly one of the few who was able to sustain a long career out of the English punk explosion of the mid Seventies, Steven Severin was part of the (famous Sex Pistols hangers-on) "Bromley Contingent", and one of the founding members of Siouxsie And The Banshees. His work with the band stretched over three decades and (besides Sioux) was the only member of the group to be there for the whole thing. After the Banshees decided to call it quits in 1996, Severin backed away from the record industry and started working on his own projects. He formed the internet/mail order label RE:, and released two albums, 1998's Visions, and 1999's Maldoror. These soundtracks were met with positive reviews. In mid-2000, Severin released Women in the Dunes. His list of credits and collaborations is extensive, and in early 2000 a book of his erotic prose/poetry was set for release.

(de.wikipedia.org) Steven Severin (* 25. September 1955 in London), bürgerlich Steven John Bailey, ist ein britischer Bassgitarrist, Komponist und Journalist.

Zusammen mit Siouxsie Sioux gründete er 1976 die Band Siouxsie and the Banshees, für die er textete und Bass spielte. Daneben war er Mitglied des Projekts The Glove. Heute komponiert Severin Filmmusik (u.a. für den Gruselfilm "London Voodoo"), arbeitet als Musikproduzent, Journalist und ist seit dem 2. Oktober 2002 mit der texanischen B-Film Schauspielerin Arban Ornelas verheiratet. Das Paar hat eine gemeinsame Tochter und gründete die bislang wenig erfolgreiche Band "Darling Hate".