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Pleasure Symbols (AUS)



Pleasure Symbols is a gloomy coldwave duo from Australia who've successfully captured the essence of 80's goth and post-punk in a mere eight minutes without sounding like trendy, revivalist bull***.

Their first recording, a two track self-titled single released back in 2014 sounds like what would happen if Joy Division fell into a pit of darkwave despair. Brooding layers of synthesizer heavy on the 80's sheen compliment the hazy, subdued vocals and throbbing bass-lines perfectly. The atmosphere is dark and emotionally bleak, pulling you away from social gatherings and positivity effortlessly and sending you straight into your turtle shell of solitude with it's happiness swallowing synths. You become a possum. Always a social pariah in the game of life whether you're being swatted with hostile actions of contempt by your disapproving peers, playing dead when confronted by ambiguous company or getting hit by drunken drivers when you're plodding alone through life's emotionally barren landscape looking for something or someone to eat or love. The possum is a most Goth creature. We are all possums in one way or the other and it's ok. Listen to this if you love life but feel like brooding for a minute. Pleasure Symbols is a band worth keeping your eye on.