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Terrolokaust (E)


(facebook) Let's take a time machine and trip back to 2006, year when Javi Ssagittar and Indio, a couple of experienced musicians of the former Industrial/Rock band Symawrath, decided to join their feelings under the name of TERROLOKAUST by adding a conceptual content that deals with social misery, daily alienation caused by all those self-proclaimed in power and mostly, the decadence and modern lifestyle.

Edited by Mutant-E Records label, Terrolokaust releases its first album called "Gas", a work comprising of pure Industrial and Techno EBM. The concept speaks of everything about human aberrations, an offensive against all forms of fascism and dictatorial ideology.

The band has performed diverse live acts along with important artists such as Hocico, Combichrist, Das Ich, Noisuf-X, Faderhead, Soman, FabriKc, Hanzel und Gretyl, Psyche, Xotox, Straftanz, Grendel, In Strict Confidence, Nachtmahr, Reaper, plus some Spanish bands and even touring in Switzerland and Germany, performing live in the renowned "Dark Dance Treffen" festival.

Terrolokaust has also done remixes to important bands from the scene like Straftanz, In Strict Confidence, Vigilante, Siva Six, Ad Inferna, Sumpreme Court, The Ludovico Tecnique, Extinction Front, Vondage, Alien Vampires, among others, and collaborate in the new single "Dirty Cash" for Reaper with Javi Ssagittar in vocals with the Spanish version "Dinero Sucio".

Naturally, after all this time, things have changed and the musical language of Terrolokaust has been taken to a more developed and mature level, giving free rein to a visceral style that breaks down the invisible barriers that separate the audience from Electronic music and Industrial, Alternative or Techno.

The Terrolokaust's seed in 2010 gathers influences from various music styles in order to revitalize the Dark Electro and giving dynamism and freshness to a scene somewhat saturated which lacks of innovative contributions.

(http://www.blackfield-festival.de/2014/terrolokaust.html) TERROLOKAUST – ein spanisches Elektroduo, dessen Bekanntheitsgrad in den vergangenen Jahren dank fulminanter Veröffentlichungen wachsen konnte. In ihrer Heimat konnten sie sich binnen kurzer Zeit eine feste Fanbase aufbauen, der Rest der Welt scheint greifbar nah. Das im Jahr 2006 ins Leben gerufene Bandprojekt erspielte sich die Herzen seiner Anhängerschaft bei zahlreichen Konzerten mit Acts wie z.B. Grendel, Nachtmahr oder auch Combichrist. Direkt nach ihrer 3-wöchigen Europatournee mit Aesthetic Perfection und Faderhead, präsentiert uns die spanische Elektro-Rock-Sensation ihr zweites Musikvideo – “The Way It Must Be”, aus dem DAC Hit Album “Spit The Poison Out “. Wir legen euch diese Truppe wärmstens an Herz – schaut sie euch an und lasst euch anstecken.