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Gitane Demone Quartet (USA)


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Gitane Demone is a singer, musician and artist. She was a member of Pompeii 99 and Christian Death in the 1980s, followed by a long solo career. Her current project is Gitane DeMone Quartet.

Her professional career as vocalist began in 1981 when she formed Pompeii 99 with Valor Kand and Davis Glass. Later, in 1983, DeMone and Kand joined forces with Rozz Williams to form a new line-up of Christian Death.
In 1989, Demone relocated to Amsterdam and began a solo career. She had an obvious background in punk and deathrock/gothic rock, but she also had a passion for jazz and legendary female vocalists, most notably Billie Holiday. She maintained a rubber-clad S&M visual image, and the fetish theme carried through into her lyrics.
Demone released a couple of EPs early in her solo career (eventually collected on the compilation Facets in Blue). She then renewed her friendship with former bandmate Williams, touring together and then recording the album Dream Home Heartache in 1995, which included both cover versions and their own material. Demone then paired up with Mark Ickx to produce a full-length album, released under the title Demonix around the same time.
Demone recorded an album of her own called Am I Wrong? in 1997. She also continued to provide guest vocals for bands on both sides of the Atlantic, and released a compilation of the songs she sung in her Christian Death days. In 2000, she released a second studio album called Stars of Trash which was again self-penned, but recorded with the assistance of the band Dreadful Shadows.
In 2008, a two-disc DVD by Demone titled Life After Death was released by Cult Epics, featuring footage from throughout her career, including a live performance with Williams. From 2004-2011, Demone was involved in a project called The Crystelles with daughter Zara Kand, and also performed with the experimental noise band +DOG+.
In 2013, she collaborated with Loopool and Syphilis Sauna under the name Hedone Tears, releasing a digital single, "Moonlit Paradise".
With Rikk Agnew, Demone currently creates, records and performs with other musicians including Paul Roessler (The Screamers, etc.) and Debra Erin Benham under the title Gitane DeMone Quartet.
A published writer, Demone's other artistic activities also include composing poetry and painting.


Es ist bestimmt kein einfaches Album, das Gitane Demone mit einer illustren Reihe von Musikern aufgenommen hat, aber ein beeindruckendes. Zum Gitane Demone Quartet zählen ihr jetziger Lebenspartner Rikk Agnew (Christian Death, Adolescents), Paul Roessler (45 Grave, Screamers) sowie Deb Venom. Was diese Formation liefert, sind massige Gitarrenwände, die fast hypnotisch die immer wieder gleichen Riffs herunterbrettern – und vor denen Gitane Demone meist ihre vollen Qualitäten als Punk-Shouterin ausleben kann. Das Ganze hat durchaus einen Hang zum Epischen, wie schon das ausufernde erste Stück „Man Made God“ unter Beweis stellt. Dass dabei einerseits noch Deathrock-Wurzeln zu spüren, andererseits aber auch Industrial-Rhythmen zu vernehmen sind, macht dieses Album tatsächlich sehr originell. So originell jedenfalls, dass man über ein Jahr auf die Veröffentlichung auf CD warten musste, weil sich erst kein Label fand. Sehr hörenswert auch die Screamers-Coverversion „Eva Braun“ sowie die Interpretation des Suicide-Klassikers „Ghostrider“. Eine neue Klangfarbe im Kosmos der ehemaligen Christian-Death-Sängerin.
Georg Howahl