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Hell Boulevard (CH)



Hell Boulevard is the name of the band. Matteo vDiva Fabbiani is the one of the founding members and mastermind behind it all. Hell Boulevard’s music features a well balanced mix of classic gothic tunes, soaked in Rock n’ Roll, where signature orchestral accents meet biting guitar solos, soft piano hints melt into tight drums and a subtle wall of synths fades to embrace vDiva’s deep, smoky voice.

Born in 2014 from the ashes of Swiss rising stars “Lost Area”, Hell Boulevard started as no more than a continuously evolving set of ideas and an unconcealed nostalgia for gothic-rock tunes: their first single “Hangover from Hell”, released digitally back in 2014, gave the world a first taste of the band’s formula with a rock party hymn drenched in gothic vibes.

After nearly two years of experimenting the band was finally ready to unveil their first full length album in October 2016, appropriately titled “Inferno”. The self-produced debut album helped Hell Boulevard establish a first, solid connection to the German gothic scene, gained positive reviews from both critics and public and eventually landed them two tours with Darkhaus and Unzucht in the course of 24 months. Together with the record release and the successful tours the band made sure to gain some new supporters in different branches and subgenres thanks to several interesting collaborations with well-established acts such as Lord Of The Lost, Freakangel, Erdling, Eisfabrik etc.

Fast forward to present times, we find Hell Boulevard back and ready to slay with their new album “In Black We Trust”, set for release on 08/24/2018, where their unmistakable blend of Goth n’ Roll reaches a whole new dimension thanks to, inter alia, a substantial improvement in terms of sound and a first class production supervised by golden boy Chris “The Lord” Harms (Lord of The Lost). More than just another title, an honest attempt to infuse new lifeblood to a genre presently dormant.
The release of the new album is just one of the many steps on the path to stardom, but there are still several other news and aces up their sleeve.
The lineup, previously including Matteo vDiva Fabbiani on vocals, Von Marengo (former Lost Area / current Florian Grey) at guitars, Swiss drummer A.ve and Dee Dammers (formerly The Treatment) on bass duty had to undergo an inevitable change with the heavy-hearted departure of bass-player Dee Dammers in favour of Raul Sanchez (formerly Eyes Shut Tight).

To complete the picture the band has joined forces with German label NoCut Entertainment which will be representing the band from now onwards. The collaboration has already started bearing fruits with Hell Boulevard embarking on a massive 21 gigs supporting tour with Mono Inc. in October and November 2018. And, for the proverbial cherry on top of the cake, Hell Boulevard have also announced their first ever headlining tour, scheduled for February 2019.


Die Musik von Hell Boulevard tönt wie eine empörende Party für die Toten, ein wohlbalanciertes Gemisch aus Gothic-Klängen getaucht in eine gehörige Portion Rock n‘ Roll, mit orchestralischen Akzenten, unerwarteten Gitarrensoli, Piano-Spielereien und leichten Echos von Synths, welche die tiefe, rauchige Stimme von Fronsänger vDiva umschmeicheln.

Geboren 2014 aus der Asche der aufsteigenden schweizer Sterne „Lost Area“
veröffentlichen Hell Boulevard noch im selben Jahr ihre erste Single „Hangover from Hell“. Das erste Album, „Inferno“, kam im Oktober 2016 und darauf folgte eine ausgiebige Support-Tour durch Deutschland mit Darkhaus.

Die Band besteht aus dem italienischen Gründer Matteo VDiva Fabbiani, Von Marengo (vorher Lost Area) an der Gitarre, dem schweizer Drummer A.ve und dem deutschen Gitarren-Talent Dee Dammers (vorher The Treatment) am Bass.

Im November 2017 stand dann der Release einer neuen, thematisch trotzigen Single an – „Zero Fucks Given“ ermöglichte der Band einen Kickstart in die Tour mit Unzucht, welche kurz vor Weihnachten endete.

Trotz ihrer im Vergleich bisher relativ kurzen Existenz hat die Band es bereits geschafft, einiges an Aufschreien in der Musikszene zu verursachen, nicht zuletzt wegen ihrem unverwechselbaren Genre „Goth n‘ Roll“, aber außerdem durch Kooperationen mit vielen gut etablierten Acts wie zum Beispiel Lord Of The Lost, Freakangel, Erdling, Eisfabrik etc.

Und damit nicht genug: im Herbst begleitet die Band MONO INC. auf Ihrer Welcome to Hell Tour als Support in 21 Städten in Deutschland und der Schweiz.