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Sanguis et Cinis (D)



Sanguis et Cinis (Latin: Blood and Ashes) was an Austrian gothic rock band.


In 1994, Eve Evangel met Ashley Dayour and they started Sanguis et Cinis. Their first show went badly, and it wasn't until Richard Lederer joined them in 1995 for a show in Vienna that they clicked as a band. Together, they wrote and recorded a number of songs, including Schicksalswölfe and Gedankensplitter, which they put onto their first demo tape, Requiem 1791. In 1996, they released their first album, Schicksal, which garnered enough attention for them to be signed to MOS Records. Eve wanted some changes to the band's look, and added Celine Cecila Angel to the line-up. Arthur joined, and Ashley Dayour left to start another band. After the band recorded unfreiwillig abstrakt in 1997, Richard left to concentrate on his three other projects. Sanguis et Cinis continued as a trio with successful shows in Germany and Austria as well as tours in Mexico, South-Africa, Russia, the U.S.A, and Europe. In 2003, they were featured on the cover of the September issue of the German darkwave magazine Orkus They disbanded in 2007, and Eve Evangel went on to found the band Lolita KompleX.

On December 25, 2013 Sanguis et Cinis played a worldwide exclusive reunion show in Leipzig together with fellow 1990s Goth act Illuminate on personal request of the band.

In April 2014 Sanguis et Cinis announced that they will be doing another worldwide exclusive reunion show for their fans in Mexico. 11 year after their last Mexico tour and 12 years after their last show in Mexico City they announced to play in Mexico City on May 3, 2014.

On April 1st 2019 they announced they'd be doing a worldwide exclusive reunion show at the Wave Gotik Treffen to commemorate their show at the same festival in 1999.

Musical style

In the mid-1990s, Sanguis et Cinis was associated mostly with Neue Deutsche Todeskunst, but later they were also classified as Alternative Rock and Gothic Rock. The music of Sanguis et Cinis has always been heavily associated with the German and Austrian Goth scene.


Sanguis et Cinis (lat. Blut und Asche) ist der Name einer österreichischen Band, die im Jahr 1994 gegründet wurde. Die Band ging aus einem Anfang der 1990er-Jahre gegründeten Projekt hervor.


1994 gründete Eve Evangel Sanguis et Cinis. Die Band bewegte sich in der Mitte der 1990er im Umfeld der Neuen Deutschen Todeskunst, wandte sich später aber dem Crossover bzw. Alternative Rock zu. Die Band hat sich Ende 2007 aufgelöst. Eve Evangel gründete daraufhin Lolita KompleX.