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Priest (S)



The band Priest, based in Stockholm, Sweden, was formed in 2015. Their first single, The Pit, was released in March 2017.

The frontman of the band, under the alias Puppet Master, on an interview (and their only at this time) talked about projects for the band existing since 2010, but only now they were put in motion.

Their appealing yet dark visuals, with leather masks and suits, are part of the mystique of the band. As for their musical path, Puppet Master says:

Priest has a very strong visual image and a great voice to lean on, therefore we can freely move between the electronic genres we love. The first album will be quite retro sounding.


Bei PRIEST handelt es sich um ein schwedische Synth-Pop-Band aus Stockholm. Das erste PRIEST-Album mit dem Titel „New Flesh“ erschien am 17. November 2017 und enthielt Gastbeeiträge ehemaliger Musiker von GHOST.