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Shadow Project 1334 (USA)


Rozz Williams and Eva O. formed Shadow Project while living in San Francisco in 1987. The original line-up consisted of Christian Death alumni; Rozz, Eva, Barry Galvin, David Glass and Johann Schumann. Following the Christian Death reunion tour in 1990, Rozz and Eva relocated to Los Angeles, where they began recording their debut LP with a new line-up including Thomas Morgan, Jill Emery and Paris.


In February and March 1992, Shadow Project toured Europe in support of Mephisto Walz. Upon returning to The States, the band began recording "Dreams For the Dying" amid the disastrous riots that consumed Los Angeles. The result sound was a very dark, angry, and at times heavy collection of material. In 1993, Shadow Project toured the United States in support of it's release with; Paris, Mark Barone, and Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo. The concert held in Fullerton, California on 20 June, 1993 was professionally recorded and released as, "In Tuned Out".

Following the 1993 tour, Rozz and Eva parted ways professionally to pursue individual projects. It wasn't until 1996 that the pair returned to the studio to record a new Shadow Project album. Released shortly after Rozz Williams' death, "From The Heart" marked a departure from previous recordings. Primarily acoustic, the album was a mix of new material as well as re-recordings of fan favorites.

In 2005, the EP, "Shadow Project : The Original" was released, as well as the dvd, "And Then There Was Death", documenting unreleased material from the band's career.


Shadow Project war eine Death-Rock-Band. Sie wurde 1987 von Rozz Williams, Eva O und Paris Sadonis gegründet.


Die Band wurde nach einem Studienprogramm über die Effekte des Abwurfs der Atombombe über Hiroshima benannt. Sie wurde besonders bei den Fans der Band Christian Death bekannt, deren ehemalige Mitglieder sich zum Teil in ihr wiedervereinten. Die Bandgeschichte endete 1998, als ihr Sänger Rozz Williams Suizid verübte.