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The Hellfreaks (H)


(myspace) Hell was full so they came back. Exactly in February 2009 when The Hellfreaks was born. Its short story started with a surf-psycho band (Los Tiki Torpedoes) formed in 2007 in which Yoda Surfer as a guitarist and Shakey Sue as a drummer participated. Not too much later their sophistication outcropped, the harsh school simply came out of them. Their hair couldn’t hide the devil horns anymore. They didn’t have to wait so long until hell’s fire annexed others too so Bloody Hully (doublebass) and after some drummer changes Peter Pain(drums) enlisted. Im summer 2009 their first demo and at the beginning of 2010 their first album called HELL SWEET HELL were recorded and released it under the german label – Longneck Records. But there still was a missing ingredient from the dark side to complete this blood-curdling show. If hell is not hot enough for you, you should check the graveyard dancer, Cherry Blossom, the brand new sick chick of the freaks, Hungary’s number one bourlesque dancer. Bloody Psychobilly coming from the darkest hole of hell, the empire of fear and dread...