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Spit Mask (USA)



For the past couple of days I've been trying to find the right words to describe exactly what Spit Mask is capable of doing with their musical chops but descriptions and my writing talents have eluded myself - that is until now. Spit Mask is by far one of the most malevolent bands out who borders the power electronic playing field dashed with a heavy dose of dark BDSM sex appeal and lofi quality that only adds a stylistic flavor.

Based out of the ever growing electronic scene in Houston, Texas, Spit Mask was formed in 2015 by Bryan and Rachel Jackson, who perform on vocals and electronics respectively. Influenced by such acts as Sleep Chamber, Leaether Strip, Ministry, and Women of Sodom, Swallow is their debut EP which released via Glasgow based record label Clan Destine Records. Anger, noise, and all out electronic warfare will assault your ears.

'PERMISSION' kicks off the EP with a raw, pulsing EBM rhythm backed by a synth that would easily score a horror film. Samples riddle the music which adds to the chaos, and once you hear Bryan Jackson's destructive shouting you'll find yourself in a musical purgatory. As I said early, there is a strange oddity in Swallow that makes it sound rough, unabridged, and raw.

'EASILY INTIMIDATED' fastens the pace a little and makes the shouting more in your face than before while metallic clangs bring forth a clear focus on industrial. 'BLACKSHEET' never gave up on noise as a constant, fluttering electronic background never gave in and solid percussion knocked my head around. 'HARD COMMANDS' and 'PUSH OF SPEECH' all gave grand performances with a focus on movie samples, more instrumental music than shouting, and - as always - a grinding, riveting performance. 'CHOKE CHAIN' had a very clean electronic rhythm in the background which was overlapped by waving noise, crunchy drums, and Bryan's shouts.

Spit Mask may be relatively new to the scene but that doesn't stop them from being a force to be reckoned with. They're loud, they're angry, and their music can fuck shit up. Get on this and listen to some noise flooded, shouting and aggressive industrial.

Cassette copies are running low, so if you like physical copies now is the time to grab one. [...]


Spit Mask ist ein Ball- und Ketten-Industrialprojekt, das Anfang 2015 aus Houston, TX, gegründet wurde. Die Band besteht aus Bryan und Rachel Jackson, die sowohl den Gesang als auch die Elektronik übernehmen. Das synth-getriebene Paar mischt das frühe Industrial mit modernen Maschinen, um einen Flut von Hass, Liebe und Sex zu erzeugen. Ihre Debüt-EP Swallow, die im Juli auf Clan Destine Records veröffentlicht wurde, stößt an die Grenzen des Komforts und ist voller Aggressionen.