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Folknery (UA)



Folknery is the Ukrainian ethno duo traveling around the world and using sounds of vibration in different countries, cities, places ... Music of Folknery is magic, it is space, it is a powerful energy of yin and yang, it is a mix of ancient songs and traditional instruments with urban electronic arrangement.

Folknery band consists of Yaryna Kvitka (vocals) and Volodymyr Muliar (drums, keyboards, taisho-koto, fiddle, arrangement, sound production).

Folknery have performed in 17 countries around the world at various venues from the UK to Australia. They do not matter, what is the stage - high-tech or street-improvised! The main thing is to give people happiness and open through music the unchanging energy of Ukrainian culture.

Folknery have their cultural travelling project "Two-wheeled Chronicles". During long bicycle trips, they collect musical folklore, open Ukraine to the world and show the world to Ukrainians. Currently, as a part of their project, musicians have traveled 25 countries and over 40,000 kilometers.