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DK-Zero (USA)



DK-Zero: Where Old School 90’s Industrial Rock and Nu Metal meet modern Cyber, EDM, Break Beats and Electronic Production... Hints of 90’s Ministry, Manson, NIN, Zombie and More...

DK-Zero is the brain/lovechild of Seattle Musician and bassist D-Punk (of the iconic Steampunk band Abney Park) and Welsh born Steampunk fashion icon, TV personality, erotic model and entrepreneur Kato. Sometime in late 2015 the duo began a collaboration to write and record an album that had the energy of some of their favorite artists from the late 90’s and early 2000’s Industrial Scene, blended with elements of a more current production sensibility. Both reeling from the loss of simultaneous long term relationships gone sour, the two barely had to scratch the surface to find lyrical inspiration to express the depth of their anger, frustrations, loss of love and self loathing! Every track on the album is written from an honest perspective; something each one of them either physically experienced or mentally struggled with. Front to back, this album is a very raw and emotional, aggressive and energetic blend of lyrics and music. You really sense these two went through “the shit” and came out the other side stronger and more expressive than they entered. They are not afraid to share even the most cathartic experiences with the listener.

You may already be a fan of Kato and D-Punk and their independent careers as both model and musician respectively. Even if this is the case, set all notions aside of who you think these people are; you are about to see a side of them no one could have expected... Get ready for an other-worldly experience as D-Punk and Kato take you on a journey that deals with the loss of love, the depths of human deceit, self loathing and frustration evolving into every aspect of hate and all the things they experience along the way. Buckle up “Zero’s” and feel the pain!