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Cabaret Nocturne (F)


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"How many years does it take before you officialy become ‘a veteran’? Belgian producer Raphaël de Sauvage has been bossing it on the underground scene since ’96, so we reckon he’s earned that title without much sweat." (DJ MAG UK)

The chameleonic producer, with the privilege of being independent from the usual constraints of the music industry, has been penning fusions of ‘80s pop, dark basslines, and unhinged house beats since the mid-noughties - combinations that are by his standards ‘non-formulaic’, first donned his Cabaret Nocturne cloak in 2013.

Since launching the project, he has released music on a respectable label list including My Favorite Robot, Beachcoma, Nein, Hafendisko / hfn, Rotten City, Factor City, Roam, Disque Discos, Join Our Club and many more.

Identified as a producer of the electronic slo-mo scene with his personal style incorporating dark disco elements and cyborgian croons, the Belgian sorcerer has got press recognition with some important reviews like DJ Magazine, Mixmag, Tsugi, Trax Mag as well as support of many reputable radio stations like BBC, KCRW, Ibiza Sonica or NTS. About that, his 'Blind Trust' and 'Blood Walk' tracks - slow punk masterpieces which has had many million views on Youtube - made Cabaret Nocturne a household name.

With his musical vision he gained support from the cream of the contemporary electronic dance music crop such as Âme, Andrew Weatherall, Boy Harsher, Chloé, Cosmo Vitelli, Damian Lazarus, Daniele Baldelli, Dave Clarke, Dixon, Dusky, Erol Alkan, Ewan Pearson, Fairmont, Fort Romeau, Ivan Smagghe, Jacques Renault, Jennifer Cardini, Job Jobse, Justin Robertson, Marek Hemmann, My Favorite Robot, Pete Tong, Red Axes, Sascha Funke, The Hacker, Tim Sweeney, Timo Maas, Trevor Jackson …

Then there’s his quarterly ‘K7 Nocturne’ podcast that sweeps up some of the shiniest exclusives and upcoming tracks from his fingertips, showing that one thing’s for certain: Raph’s got staying power.

Focusing on an ever-broadening horizon, he constantly continues his production efforts hiding himself beneath his bowler hat.
(Nov. 2019)