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13th Chime (GB)



13th Chime was born in 1980 out of the British punk scene. They built-up a dedicated group of followers who appreciated and understood the dark post punk sounds that 13th Chime and very few others were producing at this time. 13th Chime released three DIY singles across 1981-1982. They were Coffin Maker, Cursed and Fire.

13th Chime’s image was dark and they were always drawn to gloom and morbid subjects. Early pictures and flyers featured coffins, mystical symbols and screaming witches. The group folded in 1984 and over the next 25 years they remained mostly buried in dark recesses of obscurity except to those who were in the know.

Out of the blue, in 2009, Sacred Bones Records from New York released two LP’s and discography collection of their hard-to-find early 1980s and a “lost album” of unreleased material.

In 2015, Michael Hand the groups vocalist unexpectedly and without any real planning reformed the group. By invitation, 13th Chime performed at some select and special gigs and DIY festivals in a variety of countries, including Russia, Poland, United States, Germany and of course the UK. In 2016, 13th Chime has truly resurrected their distinctive sound with a new album called Noir. This LP is a proper continuation of what they left behind so long ago in the 1980’s. Noir is the connection between the past and present.