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Unto Ashes (USA)


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Founded in 1997, Unto Ashes are among the foremost purveyors of "blood-lit" music, by which they seek to explore the beautiful and terrible currents that weave themselves through our lives. Their highly original music is informed by Medieval dirges, Apocalyptic Folk, Black Metal, Spinning and Harvest chants, and German Romantic sensibilities. Epic and exalted; claustrophobic and suffocating; vital and menacing; glorious and impenetrable: Unto Ashes is all - and none - of these.

Unto Ashes utilize an unusually broad array of ancient and modern musical instruments to achieve their truly unique sound: harmonium, hurdy-gurdy, Appalachian and hammered dulcimer, Persian and African percussion, cello, French horn, acoustic and electric guitars, piano and synthesizer, Indian tamboura, and bombastic drums. Their signature vocals and vocal harmonies have been described as "exquisite" and have been ranked alongside the foremost Heavenly Voices ensembles. Unto Ashes recordings and live performances are compelling, hypnotic, and powerful


Unto Ashes ist ein New Yorker Musik-Ensemble, das 1997 von Michael Laird und Susanna Melendez gegründet wurde. Aktuell besteht die Band aus den Künstlern Michael Laird, Natalia Lincoln und Mariko.

Mariko, bürgerlich Sarah M. Newman, ist Sängerin und Violinistin aus New York City und Front-Sängerin von Unto Ashes. Sie absolvierte das Musikstudium an der Juilliard School und der Manhattan School und ist ausgebildet in klassischem Gesang, Violine, Gitarre, Klavier, Bass, Klarinette, Hammered Dulcimer und Perkussion. Weiterhin ist sie Akteurin in dem Rock-Oratorium „Justine's Red“. Hintergrund-Sängerin und Geigerin bei Qntal.