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Dark Drive Clinic (GB)


(facebook) DarkDriveClinic is the new project from producer John Fryer and singer Rebecca Coseboom.

John Fryer has virtually defined several genres with his production work; like the ethereal ambient Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil of 4AD, the industrial rock sound of Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward and Gravity Kills, the modern day sound of Gloom Pops, HIM, and Lacrimas Profundere, and has dipped into Bone Yard Blues with Ledfoot.

John's newest project, DarkDriveClinic, is a collaboration between John and singer Rebecca Coseboom. Rebecca is also a member of Stripmall Architecture, and has been called "a female front woman with an incredible voice” (CMJ). "Her voice flutters around your head like a silky scarf and the whole is like a sonic manifestation of a romantic swoon…” (The Stranger, Seattle).