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Coma Divine (A)


(facebook) COMA DIVINE is the new creation of (and with) Sonja Kraushofer, well known singer of the bands L’ÂME IMMORTELLE and PERSEPHONE. She found company in Ashley Dayour who is also known from gothic rock-institution WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW, Martin Hoefert (PERSEPHONE & Ex-SOPOR AETERNUS), Franz Heinrich Lirsch and Wolfgang Luckner.

Musically their approach differs from the sound they‘ve been getting famous for within and beyond the gothic scene worldwide. Exploring new boundaries and searching for new ways to express themselves you will find metal meeting neo-classical arrangements; melancholic guitars are combined with heavy riffs; expressive songwriting leads into catchy refrains. A distorted cello shows the path, thundering drums step forwad and an abysmal bass-sound leaves you behind, trembling...

Yet you‘ll find Sonja‘s voice enthroning the scenery all over! Surprisingly, sudden changes in tempo or timbre may suggest a progressive ambition seldomly heard in this specific genre.