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Trakktor (S)


(official homepage) TraKKtor was founded one hot afternoon in July of 2001 by Pierre Maier and Tobias Jansson.

Mostly because we where bored and wanted to play around some in a friend's studio.

We ended up with a few not so good oldschool EBM tracks that summer and shortly after the friend moved away and the project was put on ice for a while.

The following couple of years we started collecting our own studio equipment and proceeded with making some songs on a hobby basis and time passed by with songs being written , slowly starting to form something that later would be our own sound.

In 2006 we publicly posted a track for the first time on myspace and 2 weeks later a contract was signed for a compilation release on an american label.

We figured that what the hell, lets do this and see where it takes us so we invested some money in better equipment, some live gear and shortly after we where a live act with a reasonable amount of gigs every year.

We did remixes, we released more songs out into the ether of the internet and our fanbase grew steadily.

Soon we figured that we perhaps should be more than 2 persons in the band and after talking with a lot of people and thinkling really hard about who would fit into our little world of TraKKtor we asked Jens Lagnekvist to join the crew in 2009 and he agreed. Jens being one of the most famous EBM Dj's under the Pseudonym DJ Conan in Sweden with extensive knowledge of electronica he was perfect to refine the sound further.

In 2011 Tobias Jansson gracefully left the band to focus on his own chip music project ACC:Xess and TraKKtor returned to being a duo.

In early 2012 Robert "Bastard Saint" Lundgren, ex guitarrist of black metal band Plague Angel joins the band and we are in the end production of the new album "Halo Of Lies".

Today we have a professional studio, own our own label and the punishment we dish out on stage are second to none.

Over the years we have stood on stage with artists like Combichrist, Front 242 , Suicide Commando , Clan Of Xymox and Mesh to name a few and today in 2012 one could say that TraKKtor sounds a bit like a whole lot of bands but nobody quite sounds like TraKKtor.

While the most of the scene bands works in terms of "less is more" or "minimal" we live after the mantra: Lets make it MASSIVE.