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Enabled Disaster (D)


(myspace) Driving drums mix with some dreamy synth melodies and with deliberately kept simple, sometimes aggressive guitar patterns. Or so , the musical support of the Master Mind + Vocalists Sebastian "Dornisaster 'D. would to describe. Enabled Disaster comes from Leipzig (Germany). Originally conceived as a man (+ machine), founded just this electro-project owners soon found support in smaller live acts. So also as an integral member of the now under consideration, Stefan (untenrum) R. (Keyb.). After several performances and studio work resulted in October '05 to work with Henry "Hudson" W. (Guitar, Keyb.), Showed that despite the enormous pressure of time's first good results. Enabled Disaster 2007 now gets the final polish and perform Vocalists essential way by Ronny (RoPu) P. The thematic range of texts, moved to Sebastian's in the realistic aspects of life, thinking and feeling. Then reflect feelings of longing again to hate about wishes und unfulfilled dreams.

(lastfm) Treibende Drums mischen sich mit teilweise verträumt schönen Synth-Melodien und treffen auf bewusst einfach gehaltene, mitunter aggresive Gitarrenmuster. So oder ähnlich würden die Randleipziger die musikalische Unterstützung des Mastermind + Vocalisten Sebastian „Dornisaster“ D. beschreiben wollen. Ursprünglich als 1 Mann (+Maschine) von eben Diesem gegründetes electro-Projekt fand sich recht schnell Unterstützung bei kleineren Liveacts.