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Controlled Collapse (PL)


(offical homepage) Controlled Collapse was started in 2003 by young Polish artist Wojciech Król aka kr-lik. The first tracks were merely experiments with music software that never really meant anything. A CD with the very first songs is now lost in the mess @ CCHQ and most likely will never see the light of a day anymore.

2010 was the year of "Things Come To Pass". The second album is a step forward from the harsh, distorted music. More melodies. Less aggression. More thoughts. As more and more remixes were happening, 2011 was happening. "Things..." Box & the physical version of "Things Come To Pass" was released with a big help from a befriended label - Alchera Visions.

2011 also brought Controlled Collapse to the biggest festival in eastern Europe - Castle Party. The latest work of the band was released on 1st of December, on newly formed label machineries. "Distorted Dreams" EP features 9 songs, 4 of them being totally new material!

2012 will bring the breakthrough. Monster Tour. Concerts during Wave Gotik Treffen and other festivals all over Europe.

Time has come... to pass!