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The Mescaline Babies (I)


(facebook) At the end of 2009 Sydney Mars (ex-Suicideathome, Broken time structure) and Kalle (ex-Enkil's Eye, Sleepy Crowd) decide to start a band that has nothing to do with their former projects. Basing on their common passion for bands like Scarlet's Remains, Christian Death and Mephisto Waltz, they record a bunch of pieces at home: "The Mescaline Babies" are born. After few months they complete the line-up with Daniele (bass) and Luca (drums), and they registred "The Mescaline Babies Ep", on limited edition numbered 30 copies, sold out after a few days. Encouraged by the positive results, they decide to record another EP, "There will come soft rains", and distribute for free the "Unlistenable" EP, wich contains two tracks from both the EPs. After some gigs in Europe, Zorch Factory Records decides to distribute "Unlistenable Ep". After a season of gigs that touched Prato, Genoa, Rome, Modena and Zurich again (this time sharing the stage with important international bands such as Tyske ludder, Deadcell and Vroudenspil), Luca and Daniele leave both the band due to artistic divergences. Sydney and Kalle finish by themselves the recording of their debut album, "CRUSH", which give them the opportunity to sign for Bruno Kramm's (of Das Ich fame) Danse Macabre records.

The Mescaline Babies proposes a deathrock assault between the american sound and the european one, which conjugates shimmering gothic atmospheres with the genuine vehemence of punk.

(infrarot.de/the-mescaline-babies/crush/2010711) The Mescaline Babies begannen 2009, durch Deathrock der letzten Jahre (Scarlet's Remains und Christ vs. Warhol) aber auch von Ikonen wie Christian Death und Bauhaus inspiriert, ihre musikalische Kariere. Mit all diesen Einflüssen entstand "Crush". Ein Album welches Deathrock mit anderen Genres wie Goth- & Alternative-Rock verschmelzen läßt.

Pulsierende Basslines, mit Effekten belegte Gitarren, kraftvollem Gesang und flotten Drums reicht die Bandbreite von Post- Punk bis dunklen Goth-Baladen. Songs die von sozialen Problemen, Liebe, Surrealismus & der Apokalypse handeln.