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Reformed Faction (GB)


(facebook) Reformed Faction is a musical group formed in 2005 by three former members of Zoviet France: Andy Eardley, Mark Spybey and Robin Storey.

Reformed Faction feel drawn to create music that honours the process of spontaneous composition, favoured by Can. Using live improvisations as a basis for their music, Reformed Faction cut and paste, in the grand tradition of studio pioneers such as Holger Czukay of Can to create compositions. At the heart of the sound is the use of unconventional sound sources; children’s musical toys, ethnic instruments, homemade gadgets and sound processors. Bagpipe chanters, flutes, stringed instruments, percussive instruments and the effected tones of the human voice are all utilised. Over reliance on the detached and distant excesses of technology creates stagnant and purposeless music. This is visual music; made by the human hand, drawn by breath.