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Cylix (GR)


(myspace) CYLiX origins date back to 2000 when Plasma G and DV/H, two well known DJ’s and event organizers of the electro/goth scene in Greece, start to compose music driven by their mutual love for synthpop/electro music and bands like De/Vision, Mesh and NeuroticFish.

In 2004, Plasma G met after a long time his old friend Harry while both serving their army duty. Harry joined the band as a live drummer but a few weeks later, he became the lead singer after some surprisingly great rehearsals in studio with him on vocals.

In 2008 DV/h who wanted more time to concentrate on his own EBM project INLINE SEX TERROR left very friendly the band which decided to continue as a duo and started immediately to re-record and re-arrange its material. Since then, CYLiX have performed live along with famous bands such Lights Of Euphoria and CYLiX songs have been remixed by well-known bands like PSYCHE, LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, INLINE SEX TERROR and FORESIN.