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Dark Fortress (D)


(facebook) Formed in 1994 the German black metal outfit DARK FORTRESS have established themselves in the top ranks of the genre with intense live shows and fascinating, pitch black full-length masterpieces that meet the standard created mostly in northern Europe’s prolific scenes with ease.

Contrary to the last DARK FORTRESS album “Eidolon”, “Ylem” is not strictly a concept album; however, most songs have a common theme - invocations of the death principle from different perspectives. “Ylem" is the term for the state of the elements before the Big Bang; in alchemy, it refers to the primordial matter from which all elements were created. The return to a state of “Ylem” automatically signifies the end of everything that exists now. There is a spark of life in every living cell, but also a seed of entropy and death. This inevitable process and its aftermath is sped up and described in different scenarios, ranging from personal (“Osiris”, “Wraith”) to magical (“Ylem”, “Redivider”), religious (“Nemesis”, “The Valley”) and cosmic angles (“Silence”, “As the World Keels Over”). The insignificance of the feeble evolutionary detour that is man is evident, for our future is clear: we will be nothing but dust and bones on a scorched, lifeless rock waiting to be devoured by the sun. This vision is also the basis of Stephen Lenfestey's artwork for the album.

(lastfm) Dark Fortress ist eine deutsche Black-Metal-Band aus Landshut. Die Band zählt heute zu den bekannteren Black-Metal-Bands in Deutschland. Gegründet wurde die Band 1994 vom Gitarristen der Band Carnage, Asvargr.

Der neue Sänger der Band seit August 2007 ist Morean, Gitarrist der progressiven Death-/Thrash-Metal-Band „Noneuclid“, in der wiederum auch V.Santura und Seraph von Dark Fortress aktiv sind. Morean wirkte bereits bei dem letzten Album Séance auf dem Track Incide mit. Zusammen mit Morean wurden die Arbeiten an dem neuen Album im Oktober 2007 abgeschlossen. Das zuerst Scum betitelte Album, heißt nun Eidolon und erschien am 22. Februar 2008.

Im März desselben Jahren absolvierte Dark Fortress ihre erste Headliner-Tournee durch Europa, die Dark Essence Alliance Tour 2008, zusammen mit Helheim und Vulture Industries.

2010 erschien das Album „Ylem“.