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Predominance (D)


(Facebook) found in 1994 ...where all began...

1995-97 - enslavement: White Ashes tape, Obliteration vinyl box-set and split-7inch with Ex.Order and first live shows in Lille/France & Hannover/Germany.

1998 - ascending force: release of legendary Hindenburg vinyl mini-LP accompanied by a special event in Dresden/Germany.

2000-2002 - illumination: 2nd milestone Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence CD was released followed by participations in Saturn Gnosis and Nord Ambient Alliance compilations. Shows were played in Rostock/Germany, Berlin/Germany, Moscow/Russia and Marbach/Germany.

2003 - swan song: expanded and remastered edition of the Hindenburg album on compact disc and official disbanding. Due to the difficult personal reasons at that time I decided not to continue as I was.

2005 - last farewell: final posthumous show at the WGT Leipzig/Germany and release of Dark Stark Unfolding - archivum and live double CD set.

... and everything ends ...?

December 17, 2011 - short guest appearance within the Inade set at the 20YLOKI Festival

February 21, 2012 - Predominance announced coming back to life

January 26, 2013 - live and full dome at Circular:Soundscapes, Planetarium Nürnberg, Germany