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Digitalis Purpurea (I)


(facebook) DIGITALIS PURPUREA is a 'one-man project' created in 2003 by Cristian Marovino a.k.a. Pi_Greco.

Cristian Pi_Greco is one of the most talented Electronic Music Producer in international indie and underground scene. Very industrious as Multi-Instrumentalist, Beatmaker, Remixer and DJ.

DigiTech® Official Endorser and international representative artist of various DigiTech's gears such us the 'VX400 multi-effects processor'.

Musically involved in notable productions and collaborations he worked with top-artists such as Das Ich & Bruno Kramm, Ted Jensen, Madaski, Fabri Fibra, Tying Tiffany and many others.

"Digitalis Purpurea breaks all limits with their dirty mixture of groovey Industrial and Ministry Megaphone Vocals.

The italian one man show does not stop on the record and might be filed under the sexiest and political incorrect release from Italy. Indeed, Digitalis Purpurea is a true and digital answer to Rockn Roll chauvinism, presenting a porn driven vocabulary which makes the album a real „beeeeper“ for US customers."

- Danse Macabre Rec.