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Noisuf-X (D)


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The project`s definition is simple and clear:
An apocalyptic and fearful view of the world is what NOISUF-X, the side-project of X-FUSION, is dealing with. It describes a cold and hopeless atmosphere musically with harsh distorted beats, experimental sounds and pushing sequences.
The recurrent soundstructures and its simple monotony build a catchy opposite to X-FUSION.


Once upon a time the story of NOISUF-X had begun:

..exactly in 1988 when X-FUSION used his legendary C64 for combining electronic sounds with organ-sequences and vinyl-elements.Two years later his C64 was detached by Amiga 500, developing to 4 tracks and 8 bit. The first project was born, but the way that had to be gone until NOISUF-X came into being should be long.

During the next years X-Fusion created 10 albums by his own without a real deal. He extended his equipment over and over again and even got several gigs at Techno-parties such as the Innovation Rave (Fantasy/Duelmen) where he showed his abilities live in front of almost 2000 fans. X-FUSION`s style of music evolved into the style of Techno/Acid/House just to the year 2000, when his first tracks including vocals were produced.
Finally his hard work that changed into EBM sound at the end got appreciated by Indie-Label DARK DIMENSIONS/SCANNER, where he signed a contract and his first album "DIAL D FOR DEMONS" was released. On exactly this release a track appeared that gave NOISUF-X a basis for its existence by its title.

The idea the homonymous side-project NOISUF-X was born.


Noisuf-X ist ein Nebenprojekt des X-Fusion Kopfes Jan L. Noisuf-X' Musik ist eine Mischung aus Techno und Rhythm ’n’ Noise und ist bei Dark-Dimensions/Pro-Noize unter Vertrag. Die erste offizielle Veröffentlichung war der Track Happy Birthday auf der Alfa-Matrix-Compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks.

Mit der Tinnitus-EP war 2005 der typische Noisuf-X Sound geboren. Die EP erreichte unter anderem den 4. Platz in den GAC-Charts und Platz 3 in den DAC-Charts. Das 2007 veröffentlichte Album The Beauty of Destruction wurde ein großer Erfolg; Songs wie Hit me hard und Toccata del Terrore erreichten den 2. Platz der deutschen DAC-Charts. Die 2010 und 2011 folgenden Alben Excessive Exposure und Dead End District konnten ebenfalls einen Platz in den vorderen Regionen der Deutschen Alternative-Charts erreichen.