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Naughty Whisper (I)


(official homepage) "This modern world is the portrait of decay, that's why we are Addicted To Decadence."

These are the opening words of Naughty Whisper's new studio effort, Addicted To Decadence, a record that permanently ends a chapter and starts a new (and more wicked) one in the history of the band.

Leaving their initial glam metal and the second album's psycho glam behind, Naughty Whisper's latest release is a mixture of metal, gothic and rock elements, not to mention that scandinavian air the band has been breathing for years.

"The fact of not being able to classify their new sound with the usual genre-labels is something positive. On the one hand we transcend common genres, on the other everyone can label our sound the way they want to", says the band about their new work. During the past ten years, or as Mötley Crüe would say, 'Decade of Decadence', Naughty Whisper have released two albums and brought their music all around Europe, lately favouring Scandinavia. The influence of the northern land, the will to update and fellow/godfather Johnny Lee Michaels's advice (i.e. the hystorical producer of The 69 Eyes), have layed the foundations for Naughty Whisper's new course that starts with their new record 'Addicted To Decadence'.

"We wanted a record that sounded the way it's supposed to, with a flawless production. That's why we flew to Göteborg and went to Arnold Lindberg's studio (In Flames,Hardcore Superstar, Evergrey) and the result is simply amazing".

The new single and videoclip 'Welcome to My Nightmare' will precede theofficial release of the album, due by early 2012.