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End Of Green (D)


(official homepage) Don’t build your houses near the shore. Chances are end of green will wash the damn things away. With HIGH HOPES IN LOW PLACES, their seventh record, these South German melancholics return in an impressive and profoundly fierce way. With HIGH HOPES IN LOW PLACES end of green paint the good life black, just to tear it down afterwards. Dream castles and palaces, too. This dark bulldozer is painfully real. But then again: there seems to be a little light in all of that darkness.

After their last effort „The Sick’s Sense“ peaked at an impressive Nr. 21 in the German Media Control Album Charts, HIGH HOPES IN LOW PLACES is a very bold record. Instead of taking a lap of honor, the German five-piece takes a brave trip to its own core and blows it up big style. Obviously they do it in all these glamorous shades of black that make end of green dangerous and irresistible at the same time.

There’s dark rock, goth, alternative, metal, and an undeniable penchant for pop. Now mix that up with end of green‘s sloppy „fuck you“ attitude and you know this one’s going to be an intense all nighter. Don’t let yourselves be tricked into thinking you already understood what end of green are all about. Because that’s exactly the moment end of green hit you like muhammad all. HIGH HOPES IN LOW PLACES is an explosion from the inside, a sonic moult. Brusque, relentless, cynic, yet unsparingly deep and of blinding beauty.

Once and for all they even dispose of the biggest misconception about end of green themselves: end of green are not caught between different stools. They choose to be there and they do it proudly and they do it on purpose. Their sense of „dark“ or „goth“ isn‘t determined by clothes and poses. end of green celebrate the lifestyle of those who smell flowers and instantly look for a coffin. Their constant fight with their own demons might not be pleasant for them, but for listening joy it‘s essential.

(lastfm) End Of Green ist eine deutsche Band, die 1992 in Stuttgart gegründet wurde. Sie bezeichnen ihren Stil als Depressed Subcore, welcher irgendwo zwischen Alternativ, Doom Metal, Dark- und Gothic-Rock einzuorden ist.

1996 veröffentlichte die Gruppe ihr erstes Album „Infinity“. Bekannt wurde End Of Green auch durch Auftritte mit Künstlern wie Paradise Lost, Iggy Pop oder auch In Extremo. Textlich geht es um Einsamkeit, Depressionen, Schmerz und den Tod. Ihr aktuelles Album „The Sick’s Sense“ stieg auf Platz 21 in den deutschen Albumcharts ein und war somit nicht nur das bestverkaufte Album der Bandgeschichte, sondern auch das bestverkaufte Album ihres Labels Silverdust - Es beinhaltet 12 reguläre Tracks, die sich recht stark dem Dark Rock annähern, sowie 5 zusätzliche Akustik-Tracks, von denen 4 Neuaufnahmen von alten Liedern sind.

Der Bandname bezeichnet laut Sänger Michelle Darkness das Ende der durch die Farbe Grün symbolisierten Hoffnung. Dieser passe zu der Art der Musik, welche die Band produziert.