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Talvekoidik (D)


(wikimic.org) Talvekoidik, a very unusual name for a very unusual artist.

Talvekoidik is the electronica side-project of a very talented German musician, Kai, founding member of S.K.E.T. (Hands Productions).

With his first release as Talvekoidik -an Estonian word meaning a foggy, winter like atmosphere- Kai offers us an album of brilliant and original electronica that finds its influences in Gridlock and Beefcake as well as in Scandinavian, Baltic, Arabic and African musical traditions.

Conceived in terms of rhythmic structures supporting catchy melodies, "Silent Reflections" is a work full of oppositions and contrasts enriched by a Celtic feeling, a somewhat epic touch. Alternately powerful, fragile and rough, Talvekoidik's music is a mature, expressive and subtle demonstration of Kai's talent as a "sound architect".

"Brume Records" is therefore very proud to release Talvekoidik's debut album, "Silent Reflections" : deeply influenced by the Baltic culture and landscapes, Kai himself describes his music as an artistic attempt to illustrate the point “where the stones hit the water while falling into it, where the wind blows on the fields and bends the stems..."