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Devilish Impressions (PL)


(en.wikipedia.org) Devilish Impressions is a Polish avant-garde black metal band. They were formed on November 1, 2000 by Quazarre, Turquoissa and Starash.

The band was officially formed on November 1, 2000 by Quazarre, Turquoissa and Starash. The band released their first demo called Eritis sicut Deus; Verbum Diaboli Manet in Aeternum; Vox Vespertilio Act I – Moon Var Dies Irae in 2002.

They returned to the recording studio in 2005 to record their first album called "Plurima Mortis Imago" which attracted several recording labels and chose the London-based label Conquer Records. During their recording sessions they received much technical guidance from Arek Malczewski (well known for his long-time relationship with Behemoth) and Wiesławscy brothers of Studio Hertz who also helped with the mastering of the release. The band also recruited Adrian Nefarious and Dragor from Luna Ad Noctum for the bass guitar and drums. And in late September 2006 a video was shot for SataniChaoSymphony.

After that the band went through some significant line-up changes. Adrian Nefarious and Dragor left the band and were replaced by Starash and Armers. Starash played from then on the bass guitar and Armers was the bands new guitarist. The band also recruited a drummer; Icanraz, a renowned drummer known for his work with Hermh and Abused Majesty.

The band received good feedback and this made it possible for the band to tour. This took place in autumn of 2006 and the band performed along with Aeternus. While touring through Europe the band received positive feedback from the fans and the band had a successful tour.

In February 2007, Devilish Impression was invited to be one of the headliners at a one-day black metal festival at London's famous club The Underworld. Shortly after that, Starash left the band and Cultus joined as the bassist.

In early April 2007, Devilish Impressions acted as direct support for the Swedish black metal band Marduk in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The band again received great feedback from the audience. The enthusiasm of the new fans helped Devilish Impressions in acquiring the attention of The Flaming Arts Management / Booking Agency, who took over responsibility for organizing the band’s gigs in Eastern Europe.

After the successful tours the band hit the studios again, putting together material for their second full-length album Diabolicanos – Act III: Armageddon. The band spent their time recording in Studio X in May, June and July, 2007. And the album was mastered by Andy Classen (known for working with Belphegor, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Disbelief and Graveworm) in the Stage One Studio in Germany.

After releasing their brand new album Diabolicanos – Act III: Armageddon in early 2008, Devilish Impressions has been relentlessly touring through Europe as support act to great bands as Behemoth, Suicide Silence, Dismember and Hate. The band appeared at Metal Heads Mission Festival in the Crimea, accompanying such acts as Suffocation, Benediction, Immolation and Vader. And played their first headlining tour in the Ukraine and shared the stages with Overkill, Samael, Tristania, Enslaved and later on with Satyricon. The summer of 2008 included the band's appearance at the Pro Rock Festival while co-headlining Rage and at the Metal Heads Mission Festival with bands like Moonspell, Samael and Cynic.

(Powermetal.de/review) Die polnische Band DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS aus Oppeln, die seit 2000 in der Szene mitmischt und vor kurzem einen Plattenvertrag mit Lifeforce Records signierte, präsentiert mit "Simulacra" das dritte Werk der Bandgeschichte. Und das ist musikalisch eng an den Sound von DIMMU BORGIR oder auch COVENANT (zu "Nexus Polaris"-Zeiten (1998), wohlgemerkt) angelehnt. Klarer Fall: Die Polen haben sich vollends dem symphonischen Bombast-Black-Metal im Stil der oben genannten Norweger verschrieben. Orchester-Passagen aus der Konserve, fette Blasts und gekonnte Tempowechsel. Diese Grundrezeptur ist seit langem bekannt. Man ist durchaus um Abwechslung im Tracklisting bemüht und bietet in Form von 'Lilith' einen gesanglich recht gut umgesetzten Song, der überwiegend mit clean gesungenen Vocals bestückt ist. Bei dieser gediegenen Grundstimmung bleibt es natürlich nicht. Mit 'Fear No Gods!' drücken die Polen wieder dick auf die Tube, verprügeln das Drum-Kit und bringen auf fünfeinhalb Minuten natürlich eine doppelte Portion an Keyboard-Teppichen unter. Mit 'The Last Farewell'€™ und dem Opener 'Icaros' beispielsweise bietet man teuflisch-bombastische Exkursionen in das Reich des symphonischen Black Metal.