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Halo Manash (FIN)


(lastfm) Halo Manash is a ritual ambient project from Finland, formed in 1998, combining electronics, percussions, e-bowed guitars, bone flute and various other sounds into an intense, organic whole. Halo Manash is part of the “helixes” musical collective, and project member Antti Haapapuro is also a member of Dolorian and I.corax.

Halo Manash project appeared, found his form and began to cast a shadow in the late ’90s in Finland, calling himself the music of nature. Sound and video are born from the primary experience, such as the experience of death and rebirth, like getting to the highest peak and fall into the deepest abyss. And this experience is objectified in the form of music, videos, images and artifacts. Use as the source of the organic nature of the object (eg, bone and horn), various traditional and homemade instruments, along with the sounds of nature as such, gives rise to a single sound space.

Music created by Halo Manash, can be attributed to a range of styles from ambient to smooth the current frenzied and obsessive rhythmic chaos and noise.

Halo Manash - not a band in the traditional sense, Halo Manash as some substance there are in and out of itself. And like all entities, pulsating with life, death, and dreams, Halo Manash constantly resets its own form as the skin and is in a state of perpetual change, striving for a pure content, deep shades and Transcendental Void. Thus, the participants Halo Manash are not central figures, but rather a person Halo Manash, which in itself - the center of everything. Participants Halo Manash - this is a dream, which he sees is the mask he wears.