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Dreams Divide (GB)


(facebook) With a love for synthpop, industrial and electronic music, DREAMS DIVIDE decided to make its voice heard and give the lovers of these genres a new musical addiction.

DREAMS DIVIDE founders, DAVID CROUT ( vocals / synth / programming ) and GEM DAVISON ( vocals / synth ), began writing this synthpop tinged electronic madness in early 2009. After presenting some “demo” versions of their early songs to a local promoter, they were invited to play as part of a showcase at the Salisbury International Arts Festival. The public reaction was astounding for this new project, so work began in earnest on creating a full length album.

Acquiring the assistance of electronic producer ALEX McDOUGALL, of hard dance act EPHEXIS, DREAMS DIVIDE managed to create a debut album of unparalleled quality and a unique sound the likes of which the world of electronic music has ever seen.