Actus (H)


(myspace) ACTUS – Archaic Cultic Traditions United in a Society has been preparing together with other branches of artistic activity (video, dance) since 1987 in the course of its activities it has carried out its work in the Spirit of Metaphysical Traditions of universal strength hidden behind historical forms differing both ethnically and geographically. The story of ACTUS formed as an artistic project dates back to 1987, and its goal remained unchanged throughout the years: to create works, which demonstrate the crisis penetrating our world, but even more importantly, works which are in accordance with the eternal measure, and which always carry the notion of uplifting catharsis, and at the same time can present their receiver with the joy of reinvention listen after listen. The film and the five albums released so far leave no doubt about the group’s consistency – no compromise has ever affected the original concept, and this resulted in high reputation all over the world among fans of quality, spiritually dominated contemporary arts. Starting out from the early experimental, post-industrial, electronic scene, the band gradually started to put acoustic instruments to use. The, 1998 album, Sacro Sanctum this is a grandiose, multidimensional work, featuring symphonic sounds, acoustic guitars, folk instruments, percussion, high-tech instruments, and the element, that provides the unmistakably unique ACTUS sound: the voice of a coloratura soprano singer, who joined the group at that time. Recitation also has an important role, just as the lyrics sprouting from the clearest source, the traditional worldview. ACTUS studies original knowledge, which concentrates on answering essential questions from the perspective of apocalyptic historical humanity, whereby it endeavours to create a new Golden Age. ..