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Rainy Days Factory (P)


(facebook) The band was born when Pedro Solaris (guitar), João Vitorino (drums) and Óscar Coutinho (bass guitar, vocals), three members of the band "Diva" began rehearsing together in a small rehearsal room in search of atmospheric sounds in order to help the voice interpret emotionally engaging lyrics.

The recording of the first EP "It's your time" consists of four themes: "It's all about love", "See the light", "Autistic eyes" and "Sorry" was recorded in "live" during a weekend in September 2011 in the Gun Powder Factory. We used a small auditorium with outstanding acoustics for the recording of these songs. The recording / production was done by Amândio Bastos, a longtime friend, who was able to capture better than anyone else what goes on the head of each musician.

The first theme "It's all about love" was the first "single" for which a video was produced. It was entirely conceived and filmed by Amândio Bastos (director, videographer, editor) at the location where the songs were recorded.

The band's name came from the combination of the several events that took place during the recording over the weekend. Firstly the ethereal atmosphere of the place, which led us to discover the precise sounds to each song. Then, the smell of wet earth, which followed us during our stay at the Powder Factory. Finally, the constant and enduring torrential rain during the entire weekend. This gave rise to RDF.
br/>Our songs are dedicated to the insane, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers. Those who put round pegs into square holes, those who see things differently and do not like rules. Therefore, while some see them as crazy human beings, we see them as geniuses, because those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are those who are really capable of doing it ...