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Escalator (H)


(official homepage) The Escalator was created by 2rt+TB, a Budapest born computer-addicted youth in 1988, by the inspiration of the music of Kraftwerk 2rt+TB later realised that the numbers are beyond the human and everything created by the human race. Since 1988 several musicians helped 2rt+TB on the stage, among them Igor 404 performed several times in live. The Escalator is about the evolution, where the humans are between the animals and the softwares.

Deus erravit, veniunt machinae!

If it's true that Kraftwerk were the pioneers of the Man-Machine theme, the hungarian Escalator have been one of the first band ready to draw consequences and act accordingly to this concept, translating it into a musical from which could connect Kraftwerkt electronic music with Front 242 EBM and the industrial experimentation of avante-gardiste bands such as Throbbing Gristle, Clock DVA and Cabaret Voltarie.