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Ulterior (GB)


(lastfm.de) After their highly acclaimed debut “Wild In Wildlife” (2011) which brought us club filling anthems like “The Emptiness We Share”, “Too In Love To Fuck”, “Sister Speed” and “Big City Black Rain”, ULTERIOR have whittled down a long list of ideas and demos into their new effort, entitled “The Bleach Room”. This album offers ten incredible tracks that have been further sharpened by close friend and long time producer, ROBERT HARDER, who’s worked with BRIAN ENO, PAUL EPWORTH, KYLIE MINOGUE, NENEH CHERRY, SQUAREPUSHER, WHITE ROSE MOVEMENT and WHITEY, to name only a few.

Providing a much more colourful and energetic sound and exploring a wider range of songwriting-, rhythm- and especially vocal variations, “The Bleach Room” is bigger, better and more ULTERIOR in every sense and all what fans of the band can ask for. Even more uncompromised, but faster to the point at the same time, their new album is a giant step closer to the band’s very own vision of industrialized pop mayhem. With “The Bleach Room” in their pocket, ULTERIOR are ready to drive onto bigger and brighter stages. Their forward thinking setting a new trend for a dark and vociferous Rock ‘N’ Roll anchored to tormenting synthetic pulses, layered with magnificently euphoric and twisted synthesizer brutality.

ULTERIOR have supported bands like THE SISTERS OF MERCY, KILLING JOKE, THE HORRORS, ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, TUXEDOMOON, THESE NEW PURITANS and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM (to name only a few) on their way to become a headlining act on their own.